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Hear what people are saying about Essential Wellness Bodycare!

"I am so happy with my purchase from Essential Wellness Bodycare! The scents are amazing and the sugar scrub leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. I cannot say enough good things about the Deodorizing Balm! I wanted to use this product awhile before writing a review, and let me just stay that I am so impressed! I have struggled to find a deodorant that worked for me - and THIS IS IT! Literally ZERO armpit smell at the end of the day... and that makes this Florida girl very happy! Thank you, Bekah, for making such wonderful products!" - Sarah G.

"I love these products. I've tried several different products from this line and my top 3 right now are the rose water facial cleanser, shaving cream, facial serum, milk bath, the sugar scrubs and the deodorant. Sorry I couldn't pick just 3. They really are great products. I think everyone should try the rose water facial cleanser it's so rich and creamy. And leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized." - Brenda V.

"I have terrible excema. Once when my scalp broke out, she custom made a spray to clear it up. Her elderberry syrup tastes amazing, I can't use any other chapstick after using hers, the lotion smells divine and the salve is perfect on my feet and legs. Her customer service is unmatched and she has even delivered. I wouldn't buy from anyone else." - Melissa R.

"I’ve loved everything I’ve tried. Bath bombs,
Salve lotion, essential oil roll on... And probably more. I LOVE the colors and scents for the bath bombs and my skin feels amazing afterwards (I have super dry skin.)" -Alison R.

"I love that she uses natural ingredients to make her products! and my favorite by far is the lip balm!! her products are amazing!" 

- Dawn S.

"Fantastic all natural,handmade products! You will LOVE these products as much as I do. All local products made with care as the key component to wellness. Just made my second purchase.🤩" - Leann B.

"My son suffers from really bad eczema especially during the spring time due to his allergies. We have struggle to find stuff to help him. He is on the strongest creams they can prescribe and still it doesn’t help. Thanks to Bekah’s amazing products we tried her rose water face cream and the difference it made. He is cleared up and all we used is this cream and no prescription. I can’t wait to try her body silk on the rest of his body and see how that will help. Thank you Bekah Sibit for your amazing products and the passion you put into them."

- Tami S.

 "Your unicorn bath soap was a hit. The girls loved it. Will definitely order again. Like the lip balm too." - Cindy H.

"I have never used a Bubble Scoop before - I'm in love!"

- Maria B.

"The girls loved the bath bombs!! Thank you so much!! I will definitely be buying from you again!! They were a hit! They took a bath about an hour after they got them." - Kalyn M.

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