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Self-Care During a Pandemic

These days every day seems to melt into the next as we do our best to follow stay-home guidelines.

I see many positive, uplifting posts on social media as well as funny memes to lighten the mood (I'm guilty of sharing them).

But, what about people who are struggling emotionally through this difficult time? What about the people who don't have a yard to let their children play in?

What about people who struggle with anxiety and depression or any other mental illness for that matter?

Things can seem pretty grim, this feels like a dystopian nightmare from which we'll never awaken.

I can't pretend to have all the answers, and I can't offer advice as a counselor. I'm writing this post to get personal with you and offer some hope.

Some things my Mother used to say to me that have been helpful to me are:

a) You're the only you the world has, and we need you. What this means is, do what's needed to care for yourself.

Whether it's listening to a motivational podcast (anything by Brene Brown), meditation (guided meditations on YouTube), seeing a counselor (online help is available), or simply taking a bath (with a bath bomb, of course) it's incredibly important to feed your soul.

If you are spiritual or religious, setting time aside for worship is beneficial. Many churches have made their services available online so that we don't have to go without (I won't share a link here to be respectful of all religions).

b) Only worry about the things you can control. Meaning if I can't change something that's bothering me, I need to refocus my energy on the things I CAN change.

c) One thing at a time. As a child with ADHD, I struggled deeply with school. I would get easily overwhelmed and frustrated. I have to apply this idea to my life constantly and it's helpful. One task at a time. One day at a time, try not to think too far ahead.

d) What's meant to be, will be. Even though it's uncomfortable, we are exactly where we're supposed to be - so what can we learn from our current situation?

What can we add to our routine that maybe wasn't there before?

What are the things that we miss the most now, that are most important?

Eventually, things will seem normal again. There is always a silver-lining, always something we can learn.

I hope these words have been helpful to you. Stay safe and be well.


**I am not an affiliate of the links shared, I will not profit from any link you click on or purchase from other than my own business.

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