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Oil Cleansing Balm

A few years ago, a customer had asked if I make any oil cleansers. I had no idea what she was referring to, so I looked into it.

I bought one from another company with no idea of how to use it and absolutely detested it.

Generally, to do the oil cleansing method means to get your favorite organic oil (olive oil for example) along with a hot wash cloth, rub the oil all over your face and wipe clean with the wash cloth.

The oil used is said to cling to oils on your face such as grime, oils in makeup etc. and gently wipe away. The problem I see with this is that while there are many benefits to using oils on your face, there are no actual cleansing agents in them.

Enter Oil Cleansing Balm - a natural formula with an extremely gentle cleansing agent that is strong enough to remove waterproof makeup yet gentle enough not to strip the oils completely from your skin.

This product is also made with a natural olive-derived emulsifier. After rubbing this magnificent balm all over your face, just add some hot water and watch it transform into an incredible milky substance which basically makes this a cleanser and a moisturizer all in one step. You know I'm all about low-maintenance routines!

Oils are important for dry skin, but what about oily skin? Truthfully, oils are just as important for oily skin as for dry skin.

When people with oily skin use regular cleansers, it strips the sebaceous glands of sebum therefore telling the glands to produce more sebum (oil). People with oily skin tend to wash more frequently to rid of excess oil, but generally that just produces more oil.

This is why the Oil Cleansing Balm is great for oily skin as well as dry skin. It cleanses away makeup, dirt, and environmental toxins without causing an overproduction of oil.

If you've never used an Oil Cleansing Balm before, here's a step-by-step guide to using it.

  1. Apply a pea-sized amount of Oil Cleansing Balm to dry skin and rub it in well.

  2. Wet your fingers with hot water and rub all over face in circular motion (this is where the magic happens).

  3. Wipe clean with wet, hot wash cloth.

See? Easy-peasy! Be careful not to get this product in your eyes. It's best to be very gentle while washing makeup off regardless of the product being used so as not to tug at the skin around your eyes.

Get your Oil Cleansing Balm here.

Use code SUMMER20 at checkout to enjoy 20% off your entire order! If you aren't already a current subscriber, be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on product launches and upcoming Live Sales!

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